We Need You!


The idea for Sport Story was sparked from our own frustration. But we're not so presumptuous to think that you all want to read the exact same stories as we do. So, before Sport Story kicks off in a really big way, we're taking the time to find out what you actually want to read. What inspires you, what are you dying to know, and who do you want to hear it from? 

If you could take a quick time out to fill out this short survey (do it in the ad break or while you're on the loo!) it would be a great help in getting Sport Story to deliver just the kind of content you're after. Because, really, none of us have time to be bored when we could be busy getting it done. 

And don't forget, if you have any queries please do get in touch at editor@sportstory.com.au – we'd love to hear from you.