What's in the 'New Heroes' section?
'New Heroes' is where we get up close and personal with some of the most kick-ass  women in sport. In each profile we get to chat to these sportswomen about their  journey, achievements and future dreams, as well as getting the best health and  fitness tips. 

What are 'Sports Shorts'?
That's where you'll find all the extras – sports news, the latest gear from the best  brands, cool videos, galleries, playlists and more. We'd love to hear what you want  from Sport Story, so let us know and we'll try to provide!

Hey, will you interview me?
We are always on the look out for female athletes to chat to! Don't be a stranger, get in touch. 

Which sports does Sport Story cover?
We love all sports – it's true! – so we try our best to write about any and every sport where women are straight killing it. Team sports or individual pursuits, whether on land, in the water or up in the air... we want to tell you about it all.

Why do you only cover women in sport? 
Truthfully, at Sport Story we felt there was plenty of coverage already for the many wonderful male sporting heroes in Australia. But when we were looking to find some inspiration for our own lives, it was hard to find stories about sportswomen told with the same fervour and depth. So we decided to make a space for just that. Plus, it's always easier to write about a world you already know!